Smartrac Supplies State-of-the-Art RFID Products that Fully Comply with the ‘Buy American’ Act

Smartrac Technology Group, a global market leader in RFID and sensor products, today announced that it fully complies with the requirements defined in the ‘Buy American’ Act by delivering RFID and sensor products that are manufactured in its state-of-the-art facility in Fletcher, North Carolina.

Smartrac’s Fletcher factory and distribution facility is the only large-scale, high-volume RFID inlay and tag production and customization center in the United States. Therefore, Smartrac is able to supply a broad range of RFID transponders that are considered "domestic end products" that must be manufactured in the United States under the “Buy American” executive order issued in April 2017, reinforced in January 2019.

The company’s facility in Fletcher has been operational since 2005 and is ISO 9001 and 14001 certified to produce a wide variety of high-quality RFID and sensor products using environmentally friendly manufacturing methods and materials. Furthermore, it is continually expanding to serve a growing demand for RFID products and sensors within major markets.

Smartrac's Fletcher facility also provides high volume contract-manufacturing and product customization services for large US-based enterprises. Moreover, the capacity, streamlined processes, and operational efficiency of this facility enables Smartrac to offer long-term contracts with very competitive pricing, American quality and reliability as well as security and convenience.

“We are pleased that Smartrac has the only high-volume RFID inlay and tag production center in the United States... (click for more)