Sexton Farms Capitalizes on Cooltrax for Cold Chain Temperature Monitoring

Cooltrax, a leader in remote temperature control monitoring and reporting, announces it is the cold chain temperature monitoring partner of record for the 175 refrigerated trailers (reefers) of Sexton Farms in Camilla, GA, the leading temperature-controlled carrier serving the poultry industry in southeastern U.S.

“Cooltrax gives us real-time reefer monitoring, so we can maintain temperature consistency and strictly monitor fuel costs for savings,” said Brett Phillips, CFO, Sexton Farms. “We’re confident with these tools and others that we can cut fuel costs for our refrigerated trailers by as much as 15 percent, assuring that savings in the first year alone will pay for the new monitoring system.”

Sexton Farms conducted a three-month pilot program evaluating Cooltrax for reliability, customer support and training, and price against two other cold chain temperature monitoring systems. “Cooltrax proved to be highly reliable, to have superior customer service, and cost competitive,” said Phillips.

Cooltrax provides Sexton Farms with added advantages. As a regional hauler, drivers for Sexton Farms can travel nearly 500 miles a day. Cooltrax’s reefer monitoring system is capable of remotely starting and stopping coolers without requiring the drivers to stop in transit. This feature allows drivers to optimize time on the road and remain in compliance for hours of service.

“Sexton Farms is always on the cutting edge of best practices,” said Mike Sharpe, President, Cooltrax - Americas. “They were early adopters in telematics and electronic logs. Now they’re demonstrating the same leadership in cold chain temperature monitoring, rewarding their customers with even greater reliability and consistency in the quality of the products delivered.”

Sexton Farms is highly integrated with customers as 60 trailers a day on average are parked on location with customers. “The ability to monitor and control these in real time allows us to provide temperature consistency while minimizing fuel costs, especially when these trailers are idle.”


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