Digimarc Previews Signal Rich Art, New Generation of Tools and Techniques to Design IoT-ready Packaging

Digimarc also to showcase new Digimarc for Packaging extension for Adobe Illustrator CC

BEAVERTON, Ore. and LOS ANGELES, Ca. – Adobe MAX Booth 833 – October 15, 2018 – At the Adobe MAX 2018 Creativity Conference taking place October 15-17 in Los Angeles, Digimarc Corporation (NASDAQ: DMRC) highlights its newest tools and techniques for graphic artists, with particular emphasis on commercial artists involved in package design and premedia operations.

Digimarc will preview new developments supporting the company’s mission to integrate reliable and efficient auto identification into media creation. Digimarc’s advanced barcode, Digimarc Barcode, provides a means to add conventional barcode information and other data, including web links, into packaging and other commercial artwork in ways that are generally imperceptible to consumers.

Creating IoT-ready Art

The centerpiece of Digimarc’s presentation at the show is a demonstration of a new generation of design advancements under development. The company will preview Signal Rich™ Art, in which its next generation of design tools, moves the process of adding Digimarc Barcode upstream in an elegant merger with design.

The Signal Rich art tools under development employ breakthrough advances in imaging science, machine vision and artificial intelligence to create artwork where machine-readable codes become native, inherent in, and inseparable from the design. Digimarc will be holding a first-ever exhibition of Signal Rich Art at booth #833, with company representatives explaining the state of development of this new era in design and soliciting input from attendees to help guide the development of tools for the design community.

According to Bruce Davis, CEO, Digimarc, “Signal Rich art represents a generational change in the design of commercial artwork, connecting artwork to the auto-identification requirements of pervasive deployment of sensors in the global economies and societies, fueling increasing expectations for efficiency and immediate access to the internet, as we enter the age of augmented and mediated reality.”

Digimarc® for Packaging

Digimarc and Adobe have a rich, 20-year history of collaboration. Adding to Digimarc’s suite of Digimarc Barcode identification tools for Adobe®, Digimarc for Packaging will be available in November as an extension for Adobe Illustrator® CC, the industry-standard graphic design application and part of Adobe Creative Cloud®. This addition expands the reach of Digimarc Barcode implementation to a wider audience with features enabling enhancement (the process of adding Digimarc Barcode) of any design element and providing guidance on the best color combinations for optimal detection by retail barcode scanners and mobile devices. It helps users quickly identify not only colors, but enhancement techniques and signal strength to create “connected packaging,” all within a user-friendly interface.

“Millions of graphic designers rely on Illustrator CC to create brand identities, product packaging to even large format billboards,” said Wayne Hoang, senior product marketing manager at Adobe. “Organizations who can harness the latest innovations in creative technology have a key competitive advantage. Now with Digimarc for Packaging soon to be available as an extension for Adobe Illustrator CC, design and technology come together to vastly improve consumer experiences and store operations.”

Digimarc partnered with award-winning designer Tad Carpenter of the Carpenter Collective, who will showcase a fictional brand of pasta products incorporating Digimarc Barcode that was created using Adobe’s industry-leading design tools and extensions.

“As the demand from brands for connected packaging grows, the ability to seamlessly integrate enhancement techniques into the packaging production and premedia processes reduces workflow complexity,” said Bruce Miller, VP, Innovation & Solution Development, Schawk, a leading premedia services provider and an SGK Group company. “Adobe Illustrator is critical to our premedia workflows, and the new Digimarc extension simplifies the task of creating dynamic digital packaging.”  .. read more



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