Tageos RFID Products Certified for Aviation Baggage Tracking

The EOS-409 UHF RFID inlay has been approved by Auburn University’s RFID Lab for its “Tagged Performance Specification U.” This broad specification is designed to test RFID inlay performance in many baggage tracking use cases and across multiple frequency ranges, making it applicable worldwide.

Auburn’s “Spec U” is a challenging benchmark, having very few RFID inlays currently certified. Tageos manufactures two of those. The EOS-409 joins on the list the EOS-410, which was previously certified. With this addition, Tageos can provide “Spec U” certified products embedded with the most current RFID chip options from leading silicon manufacturers – the Monza R6 from Impinj and the UCODE 8 from NXP.

Matthieu Picon, Tageos’ CEO and Co-founder, says the aviation industry is a focus for his company. “RFID use in aviation will increase rapidly for multiple use cases, but especially in electronic baggage tracking with new industry mandates. Tageos is uniquely positioned to assist airlines and airports in achieving compliance.”

McLeod Williamson, Tageos’ Director of Business Development, also commented on the company’s position in the market. “Not only is Tageos first to market with certified products powered by the NXP UCODE 8 and Impinj Monza R6 chips, but our patented manufacturing process also creates inlays that are more eco-friendly and cost-effective than our competitors,” says Williamson. He notes that Tageos products are truly ‘world’ RFID inlays that perform well across the multiple RF frequency ranges used in different countries and regions, something that is very important in such a globally connected industry as aviation. Williamson adds, “Tageos is currently engaged in large scale projects with multiple airlines, airports, and baggage tag converters across multiple continents, and we expect that activity to grow in the near future.”

Both the EOS-409 and EOS-410 inlays are currently available from Tageos.

About Tageos
Tageos designs and manufactures RAIN RFID labels for the identification and traceability of products, equipment and people in various industries (fashion, retail, logistics, healthcare, aviation, automotive…). Thanks to its breakthrough worldwide patented manufacturing process, Tageos’ best-in-class RFID labels are cheaper and less polluting than traditional RFID labels. Tageos offers its customers a wide range of ready-to-use labels, as well as a set of customized services. For more information, visit www.tageos.com.

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