SID/DSCC Business Track Proceedings Now for Sale

The Society for Information Display (SID), together with Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSCC), is pleased to announce that the proceedings for the highly successful Business Track events are now available for sale.

The 4 events included the:

  •     SID/DSCC Business Conference
  •     SID/DSCC Investor’s Conference
  •     SID/DSCC Automotive Conference
  •     SID/OLED-A/ Immersive Experience Conference

SID/DSCC Business Conference
The Business Conference proceedings feature presentations from 22 different executives representing TV brands, panel suppliers, equipment suppliers, materials suppliers, industry analysts, financial analysts and even a cinematographer from the following companies:

  •     American Society of Cinematographers (ASC)
  •     Applied Materials
  •     BOE
  •     Coherent
  •     CoreFlow
  •     Corning Display Technologies
  •     Cynora
  •     Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSCC)
  •     Kyulux
  •     LG Electronics
  •     Mizuho Securities
  •     Nanosys
  •     Sigmantell
  •     Solip Tech
  •     Tianma Microelectronics
  •     The NPD Group
  •     Universal Display
  •     Visionox
  •     TPK
  •     Yole Developpement

The event was very well received with:

  •     93% rating it as excellent, very good or good.
  •     92% extremely satisfied, very satisfied or satisfied with what they learned about market developments.
  •     88% extremely satisfied, very satisfied or satisfied with the data included in analyst presentations.
  •     82% were extremely satisfied, very satisfied or satisfied with what they learned about new technologies.
  •     When asked what they liked most about the conference, a majority of the attendees pointed to the valuable data and forecasts provided by DSCC and other industry and financial analysts.

The proceedings are available now for $399 from the DSCC store at:

SID/DSCC Investors Conference
The SID/DSCC Investors Conference saw big changes as a full day conference in 2018. It featured presentations from market and sell-side analysts on where the display industry is going and which segments and companies are likely to outperform. It also featured a panel session made up of private equity and venture capital executives on what they are looking for from potential investments in private display companies. A dozen private and publicly traded display-related companies seeking funding or secondary financing gave short presentations to an audience of prospective investors. Presentations are available from:

  •     DSCC on the panel supplier and equipment supplier outlook
  •     DSCC on the materials market outlook
  •     Susquehanna on their display universe
  •     Applied Materials
  •     Amorphyx
  •     Ares Materials
  •     Cynora
  •     FlexEnable
  •     Kyulux
  •     Mattrix Technologies
  •     Nanosys
  •     OTI Lumionics
  •     PixelDisplay
  •     Solip Technology

The proceedings are available now for $349 from the DSCC store at:

This event was also very well received with:

  •     93% rating it as excellent, very good or good.
  •     Attendees enjoyed:

o    The networking opportunities
o    Comments and guidance from venture capitalists
o    Insights from industry experts
o    Opportunity to get a good background on a number of companies in a short period of time

SID/DSCC Automotive Display Conference
This conference featured speakers from leading automotive industry and market research firms, automotive manufacturers, display suppliers and other key component suppliers. Presentations are available from the following list of companies:

  •     Continental Automotive
  •     Envisics
  •     FlexEnable
  •     General Motors
  •     German Flat Panel Forum
  •     IRYStec
  •     J.D. Power
  •     LG Display
  •     Luminit
  •     Pioneer Automotive Technologies
  •     Roland Berger
  •     Strategy Analytics
  •     Texas Instruments

Highlights from the proceedings include:

  •     A keynote presentation from Kristin Kolodge, Executive Director for Driver Interaction and HMI at J.D. Power. Kristin leverages the expertise of the auto industry’s leading consumer research firm to present on “The Voice of the Customer: Displays as a Trust Enabler”, showing the critical link between displays and autonomous driver modes
  •     A keynote from Roger Lanctot, Director for Automotive Connected Mobility for the Global Automotive Practice at Strategy Analytics. Roger presented Strategy Analytics’ market outlook for displays in the auto sector, with breakouts by function, region, market segment, and more, and described the key technology trends in the market.
  •     An outstanding joint presentation from Dr. Thomas Seder, Technical Fellow at General Motors R&D, and Patricia Scarpaci, Executive Vice President for Envisics, describing the challenges and opportunities in bringing Augmented Reality Head-Up Displays (AR HUD) to the automobile space, including the challenges of supporting such a sensor rich AR system that places considerable computational demands of the vehicle electrical architecture.
  •     A presentation by the SID 2018 Peter Brody Prize winner, Seth Coe-Sullivan, Vice President of Technology at Luminit, describing the benefits of transparent holographic components in overcoming some of the limitations of HUD displays.

The proceedings are available now for $349 from the DSCC store at:

SID/OLED-A/VeV Immersive Experience Conference

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