SuperCom Awarded National Electronic Monitoring Project in Scandinavia

HERZLIYA, Israel, May 29, 2018  /PRNewswire/ --  SuperCom (NASDAQ: SPCB), a global provider of secure solutions for the e-government, public safety, healthcare, and finance sectors, was awarded a new project with the national government of a Scandinavian country to deploy its PureSecurity Electronic Monitoring (EM) Suite with an emphasis on domestic violence. 

The nationwide program with a leading public safety agency is set to cover domestic violence cases within the country, and the initial deployment will include certain PureSecurity offerings, including continuous GPS tracking and monitoring of domestic violence-related offenders. Once PureSecurity is deployed for domestic violence, victims will receive a device which will alert them if the offender, under a restraining order, is too close in range to them. 

The award was won through a formal bid process, which included system demonstrations to and tests conducted by the contracting authority. The budget for the project consists mainly of costs for purchasing the EM system and equipment, as well as recurring maintenance and licenses charges for 7 years. SuperCom expects to deploy the initial order and start generating recurring revenues within three months of project launch.

This award will go through the customary standstill waiting period before contract signing is approved and the project is launched. Further information is expected to be provided in subsequent announcements. click to see the full release


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