Waltonchain Says Hello to The World with Its Technical Supporter Silictec's RFID Chips

SHENZHEN, China, May 2, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Recently, "chips" have been a hot topic both in China and the US. The existing RFID chip industry cannot meet the needs of IoT development: there are few options available, while the prices are high; the transmission power and stability need to be improved; the reception sensitivity is low, the anti-interference ability is poor. silitec

To solve these problems, Waltonchain brought the VIoT concept. It has devoted itself to the R&D of RFID tag IC and reader IC suitable for blockchain technology applications. The ICs are characterized by the integrated encryption and decryption acceleration module based on the existing RFID technology and a communication interface protocol suitable for blockchain technology applications. The implementation will promote the application of blockchain technology in IoT and solve the following problems in blockchain technology application:

  • Each tag does not need to store node data and is responsible for signature verification only;
  • Hardware automatically generates random public keys and private keys to ensure the security of IoT applications, to ensure that the tag is unique, authentic and tamper-resistant;
  • Tags can reduce the amount of information stored to solve the problem of blockchain overloading with large amounts of data in IoT applications;
  • Hardware Acceleration can solve the problem of slow encryption and decryption with the asymmetric encryption technology;
  • Tags can help truly achieve the decentralization of property management and asset management to make the data tamper-resistant.

Waltonchain is likely to become one of the top 10 blockchain projects by 2020 due to its widespread implementation projects. It has also committed itself to the realization of the VIoT through valuable implementation of blockchain. As Liu Cai, Waltonchain CTO, said, "Core technology is the absolute principle. Only by adhering to independent innovation can we better promote the development of China's chip industry." Waltonchain lives up to this strategy.

Currently, Waltonchain and an increasing number of companies in China prefer independent chip R&D. In the future... click to read more

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