Surface Trak - Tool Tracking System Uses RFID

PLANO, Texas — April 10, 2018 - Today Venture Research, Inc., a leading global supplier of RFID and IoT solutions, announces the availability of Surface Trak™, a work surface tool management system for tracking tool and equipment movement, usage, and location. Surface Trak reinvents tool tracking systems by tracking tools where the work is performed instead of moving tools to a storage location.

rfid tool tracking

Standard tool tracking systems utilize RFID or barcode-enabled tool cribs that require check-in / check-out procedures. Once a tool is checked out, supervisors can’t track where the tools are located. In larger manufacturing facilities it has been found that each tool user can spend up to 30 minutes in the morning checking out their tools and moving them to their work area. At the end of the day they spend another 30 minutes to check back in their tools. This creates a substantial productivity loss for just administering tools.

The ability to leave the tools in the work area not only improves efficiency, it also provides valuable information to assist in calibration, expiration and tool usage for compliance. Overall profitability is increased with personnel accountability, higher productivity and reduced tool loss.

“Our revolutionary tool tracking system builds on 20 years of experience helping companies of all sizes improve productivity by ensuring the right asset is in the right place when it is needed,” said John Baker, president of Venture Research. “By incorporating the leading edge of RFID and IoT technology, Surface Trak delivers a robust user experience with improved monitoring, notification and visibility into tool tracking usage using a work surface interface.”

Designed from the ground up, the Surface Trak solution provides hardware but also software for a fully automated, web-based solution available in either a client-hosted or cloud environment with scalable solution for multi-location deployments. Extensive reporting provides tool utilization for MRO compliance.

Venture Research will be showcasing the Surface Trak at the MRO Americas Show Booth 2591 in Orlando, Florida, April 10-12th, 2018.

About Venture Research

For 20 years, Venture Research Inc. has been providing end to end solutions for customers in the area of supply chain automation and asset management with specialization in RFID and IoT. The Company's products and services have been deployed in over 1,000 installations in 28 countries on 6 continents. 

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