Meyers sells sister company, Verify Brand, to Quebec-based Optel


Minneapolis (December 11, 2017) — Meyers, a national leader in brand marketing and high-end commercial printing, announced today that it has completed the sale of its sister company, Verify Brand. The acquisition of Verify Brand by Optel, the market leader in providing serialization for pharmaceutical products, demonstrates Optel’s belief that track-and-trace, item-level serialization will be at the forefront of anti-counterfeit measures.

Verify Brand pioneered the use of information technology to displace traditional, on-product security measures to provide brand protection and supply chain security. The original patented technology was invented at Meyers in 2004 by David Dillon, CEO and owner, and stemmed from expertise Meyers gained over 35 years providing serialization on products like Hormel Cure 81 ham labels.

“We saw the potential of this innovative technology to minimize counterfeiting and leveraged Meyers’ IT and software development expertise to create Verify Brand,” said Dillon. “This platform grew quickly and is currently used in 18 languages and 120 countries by many of the world’s largest brands on a wide variety of products, from coffee and scotch to computer components and pharmaceuticals.”

According to Dillon, the acquisition will expand the reach of the Meyers-developed cloud technology and continue to impact the safety and security of supply chains worldwide.

About Meyers

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