Vizinex Announces New CLV-01 RFID Tag

The CLV-01 is engineered to provide a remarkably cost-effective RFID tag for tracking non-metal assets or containers in both indoor and outdoor environments. vizinex CLV 01

It is ideal for tracking reusable plastic or wooden containers, pallets or other non-metal assets.The CLV-01 provides a read range of 15 feet in most applications. With Its modest footprint, both adhesive and screw down mounting options, the tag can be easily and reliably secured to virtually any asset. With a very low price point, it is the most cost-effective offering in this category of tags.The CLV-01 is the perfect complement to the Allied VX-Mini, Vizinex’s small footprint, mount on metal tag. With these two tags, any type of RTI can be tagged and tracked.