Inxeption Launches New Software Platform to Enable “Product Centric” m-commerce

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB)

Inxeption launched a new enterprise software applications platform today that empowers corporations to digitize their product offerings and create a dynamic environment to manage and analyze their business. Inxeption’s platform includes all the elements needed to bring a fully operational modern SaaS infrastructure to B2B companies to do business on-line with custom orders directly from the customer to the manufacturing floor. Inxeption calls this new process of business management, Product Centric Organization (PCO). Inxeption makes the “product” the key management record in a corporation.

“We believe that Inxeption is going to revolutionize the way corporations run their businesses by bringing their products to life in a more dynamic and analytic manner. Starting with a digital product record, they will be able to provide digital custom commerce from the customer order right through to the factory floor and final delivery,” said co-founder, Farzad Dibachi.

The three founders of Inxeption; Farzad Dibachi, Mark Moore and Terry Garnett all served as Senior Vice Presidents at Oracle Corporation in technical and marketing management roles and later co-founded Niku Corporation. All three played pivotal roles in Niku’s success with Farzad as CEO, Terry as initial investor and board member, and Mark as Executive Vice President Products and Services. Niku introduced a new category of enterprise software application: IT Management and Governance (ITMG). The product, “Clarity” was the first software application to be written native to the internet. Niku was a high growth startup that was taken public by Goldman Sachs in 2000 in a $4 billion initial IPO.

“The three of us have had significant success in the past in shaping software advances and we believe that making the 'product' and 'customer' records the center of the management process will foster a massive positive change in how companies make decisions and optimize their product portfolios,” said, Mark Moore, co-founder at Inxeption.

“It’s exciting to get the band back together to continue the success we have had in the past,” commented Terry Garnett, co-founder. “We feel that this is an ideal time to bring this technology to the marketplace and I’m excited by the advanced software capabilities that we have incorporated into our first offering.”

The Inxeption software puts the product record at the core of the enterprise, for the first time, allowing for all other company interactions to be seen from the product’s perspective.

1.    Sales and Marketing: monitoring leads and online ad spend, cost per click, overall marketing spend and marketing ROI rates per specific product.
2.    Product Management: real time interaction with customer and prospects to create new products, new options, and updated specifications.
3.    Manufacturing: management of onsite and 3rd party manufacturing partners, supply chain management.
4.    Customer Service: Shipping, order verification, product-based customer service and support, and product-based net promoter score.
5.    Financial Analytics: Product Margins, Product Revenue

From a technical perspective, Inxeption is the first ever application that:

  • Is written and optimized for touch screens and mobile platforms.
  • Is self-aware, using AI and machine learning, Inxeption alerts end-users of business optimization possibilities.
  • Uses advanced visualization techniques to produce interactive visuals that allow immediate insight. These visualizations will include time based, location based, category based and hierarchy based presentations.

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