4R Systems Selects Marsha Shapiro as Senior Vice President of Product Management

4R Systems, Inc., a leading provider of advanced omni retail inventory and supply chain solutions, announced Marsha Shapiro to serve in the newly created position of SVP, Product Management.

Marsha Shapiro is responsible for the strategy and design of the 4R Systems Product Suite. She brings over 20 years of retail software design and implementation experience in managing the entire product lifecycle using an agile framework.

4R’s Product Suite profit optimizes various phases of the retail supply chain. These products are used by national retailers, and are equally effective for brick and mortar stores and online—anywhere there is customer demand. These include Initial Buy, DC Replenishment, Vendor Order Optimization, Store & Omni Replenishment, Assortment Optimization, Seasonal Allocation and Markdown Optimization.

Shapiro has held executive positions with leading software providers implementing merchandising and marketing applications at retailers and wholesalers such as Ahold, Walmart, Target, Associated Warehouse Group, Family Dollar and Belk. Her deep retail knowledge stems from having led process improvement efforts and implementing technology as a certified Six Sigma Black Belt for The Home Depot.

“I’m so honored to be selected for this opportunity with 4R Systems,” said Shapiro. “Together, our product team will continue to develop and refine disruptive products that maximize profit for retailers. I’m glad to join a company that is helping retailers increase profit during this most challenging time in the retail industry.”

Early in Marsha’s career, she was an IT management consultant with Ernst & Young and authored, “The Pocket Idiot’s Guide to Six Sigma.” Marsha received a Bachelor of Science from the University of Virginia with a dual concentration in Information Systems and Marketing.

4R’s President and CEO Kevin Stadler added, “We choose those who serve on our management team based on trust. We trust them to give the greatest care to our clients, and at the same time, trust them to bring 4R to a new level of growth. I’m fully confident Marsha will do both and we’re delighted to have her on our management team.”

About 4R Systems
4R Systems is a leading provider of advanced inventory and supply chain services, which help retailers gain significantly increased profits by optimizing their omnichannel inventory and related supply chain decisions. Founded by supply chain experts from The Wharton School and Harvard Business School, 4R provides capabilities that profit optimize the matching of supply and demand. From initial launch through replenishment to end-of-life for products—ranging from short-lived fashion items to long term staples—4R provides retailers with services that fit their business. Clients using 4R have seen increases in profitability of 1-2 % of sales as a result of higher sales levels on lowered inventory. Call (610) 644-1234 or visit http://www.4rsystems.com.

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