IoT Security Expert To Demo Multi-Device Smart Home Hack Live At Mobile World Congress

BullGuard (, the multi-award winning, consumer cybersecurity company and makers of Dojo by BullGuard, the world’s most comprehensive smart home cybersecurity solution, today announced Yossi Atias, General Manager, IoT Security, BullGuard will demonstrate the first ever, multi-device Smart Home hack live at Mobile World Congress Americas on September 13, 2017. Atias will take center stage as he demonstrates how easy it is to hack into a “secure” smart home via multiple connected IoT (Internet of Things) devices – an IP camera, smart alarm, smart lock and Amazon Echo – and utilize them to gain physical entry into a home. The live smart home hack demonstration at Mobile World Congress Americas, “Cybersecurity: From the Device to All of IoT” is especially timely given the rapid rate of consumer adoption of IoT devices. Gartner forecasts the number of connected devices will reach more than 21 billion by 2020, and that growth will come with an increased risk of cyber attacks.

Dojo by BullGuard is a sleekly-designed pebble that monitors IoT devices for security and privacy threats, ensuring all smart home connected devices – from alarms, baby monitors, thermostats to lighting systems, home locks and more – are hacker-proof and secure 24/7. Powered by AI (Artificial Intelligence), Dojo is the only product on the market that offers the multi-layer security approach required to meet the cybersecurity challenges of today’s smart connected home.     

“Many smart home devices are notoriously insecure. It makes it easy for hackers to exploit those vulnerabilities and gain access to your most prized possessions – your home, data and family,” Yossi Atias, GM, IoT Security, BullGuard and creator of Dojo. “I’ll demonstrate publically for the first time just how easy it is to hack multiple IoT connected devices and render a smart home ‘dumb’. It is my hope the demonstration will leave attendees and media convinced of the importance of securing the smart home with a multi-layered IoT security solution to guard themselves and their families from the rapidly increasing risk of cyber attacks.”

Contact bullguard(at)mercuryglobalpartners(dot)com to set up an interview with Yossi Atias at Mobile World Congress Americas and see Dojo by BullGuard in action.

Dojo by BullGuard retails for $199 USD, including the first 12-months of service. For more information on Dojo’s capabilities, please visit

About BullGuard
BullGuard is the leader in consumer cybersecurity. As part of our ongoing promise to be champion of today’s digital consumer, we’ve added to our multi-award winning product portfolio with Dojo by BullGuard. It’s the best custom-built solution to protect Wi-Fi enabled devices in the home. Dojo gives customers the freedom to add as many Smart Home devices as they want without compromising privacy or security. Dojo by BullGuard is the cornerstone of a Smart Home, ensuring a connected world where every consumer, in every home, is smart, safe and protected. Follow us on Twitter @BullGuard and @Dojosafe, like us on Facebook at BullGuard and Dojo, or learn more at

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