Vodori Launches Pepper Cloud, Content Hub for Life Sciences

Vodori, Inc., an innovator in life sciences content management, announced today the launch of Pepper Cloud, a suite of SaaS products designed to provide organizations with tools to create, manage, and analyze content across the enterprise. As life sciences companies are increasingly facing a highly regulated and competitive environment, while also forced to increase productivity and decrease operational costs, it’s essential that the content they produce is effective and efficient. Pepper Cloud is comprised of five core solutions that work in tandem to expedite approvals and publication, cut cost and risk, and drive commercial results for life sciences marketers.

Pepper Cloud’s insight-driven approach captures data at every touchpoint of the operational and publication process, informing marketers on how the content performs. Marketers can quickly identify and compare different types of content against customizable metrics like ease of approval and lead generation. Marketers can then use these insights to confidently redirect investment efforts from operational support to creating content that delivers.

“We developed our next generation Pepper Cloud in response to the needs of our life sciences clients,” said Scott Rovegno, Vodori president and co-founder. “Pepper Cloud expands on our Pepper Digital Experience Platform, the technology that life sciences companies have used for more than a decade for their content creation, to expedite and simplify promotional review, provide a dashboard of audit history, and ultimately help them efficiently meet regulatory compliance needs.”

Pepper Cloud’s suite of software solutions include:

  • Pepper Library – digital asset management (DAM) collection for all content
  • Pepper Flow – approval process management system to route, review, comment, approve and distribute collateral
  • Pepper Canvas – web content management system that enables users to create, edit and publish websites and digital assets
  • Pepper Folio – an iPad and desktop based sales enablement application that provides immediate access to appropriate approved collateral
  • Pepper Insights – dashboard and reports that share real-time user interactions and material usages including references, claims and distributions

“We empower marketers to publish great, impactful content every time rather than churn out volumes of unused, expensive-to-create content,” said Rovegno. “Pepper Cloud provides the foundation for life sciences companies to start making intelligent content marketing decisions based on real-time data and insights.”

About Vodori
Vodori provides insight-driven solutions that simplify how life sciences companies create, approve, distribute and measure marketing content. For more information, visit http://www.vodori.com. Vodori’s Pepper Cloud solutions can be integrated together to create a seamless and comprehensive content supply chain experience. This powerful content hub provides life sciences companies with all the solutions they need to create, manage and analyze their content marketing efforts across the enterprise. For more information about Pepper Cloud, visit vodori.com/pepper-products.

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