CabiNet Scrub Dispenser Proves a Success for LewisGale Medical Center

FAIRFAX, Va., Aug. 16, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Autovalet, the world's leading provider of automated uniform management systems, announced today that LewisGale Medical Center, a 506-bed hospital in Salem, Va., has implemented the company's CabiNet RFID Scrub Dispenser solution. The hospital is now using CabiNet to provide scrubs for over 350 employees.

Using RFID has made it easier and faster for employees to obtain scrubs and has provided the hospital with increased visibility into stocks and usage. CabiNet has enabled the hospital to offer a scrub service to hundreds of additional employees at a much lower cost than lockers or vended dispensers.

"Our named locker program was costly and yet we wanted to provide scrubs to an additional 200 users," said Sean Paris, LewisGale's EVS Director. "With the CabiNet solution, we have been able to introduce bulk scrubs for all users, while at the same time, save a lot of money."

LewisGale Medical Center is one of four LewisGale facilities operated by Hospital Corporation of America (HCA) in Virginia. The CabiNet system and DRESSCODE software are manufactured by Autovalet Systems and supplied by Handcraft Services, LewisGale's laundry vendor.

Scrub management is a challenge at many hospitals. Open carts result in high levels of loss and over-purchasing of inventory, while vended systems are often too costly to provide a return on investment (ROI).

CabiNet addresses this challenge by leveraging RFID technology and Autovalet's software to provide better inventory control at a fraction of the cost of competitive systems. The scrub dispensing cabinet (four feet wide and two feet deep) can fit in nearly any location and stores more than 300 pieces.

Each scrub top and bottom is fitted with an RFID chip by Handcraft Services. The four-door issue cabinet and separate return unit use RFID scanners and a controller to detect when inventory is removed or deposited. The DRESSCODE portal uses this data to manage user credits, display current stocks and issue alerts when inventory falls below pre-determined levels.

CabiNet tracks and controls usage by scanning the RFID chips. Users are given a credit limit that allows them to swipe their ID card and remove scrubs, provided they are up-to-date with returning used items.

DRESSCODE can import employee details from most HR systems. The solution can also track scrub usage by specific employees to identify over- or under-utilization.

"Automated, RFID-based garment tracking can deliver more accurate inventory data at a much lower cost than traditional systems," said Autovalet VP, John Varley. "Scrub loss is costly, but existing vended systems are excessively expensive. CabiNet has been designed to solve that dilemma by being both affordable and intelligent. Even hospitals with moderate scrub losses can achieve a positive ROI, while larger facilities that may already have automation can replace those expensive machines with an array of CabiNets that can be located closer to where people work."

A video describing the CabiNet Scrub Dispenser is available for download at

A complete case study of the Autovalet CabiNet implementation at LewisGale Medical Center is available at

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