URM Stores Inventory Management to Improve Efficiencies and Purchasing Process

Cambridge, MA (PRWEB) July 05, 2017

Herlitz Inventory Management, a best-of-breed supply chain provider founded by the creators of E3 Corporation and internationally recognized for their inventory management expertise, today announced that URM™ Stores Inc. of Spokane, Washington, the leading food distributor in the Inland Northwest, has selected its “HIMPACT” inventory management solution to optimize its forecasting, replenishment and inventory.

URM™ Stores Inc. was founded in 1921 when five retailers banded together to form the corporation. Today, URM Stores Inc. holds 25,000 SKUs plus 20,000 seasonal items, which is managed by 12 buyers. To meet its future performance goals, it was essential that URM Stores Inc. chose a solution that could solve their burdensome manual workload and ensure a more accurate forecast to manage its perishable to reduce spoilage. The HIMPACT solution forecasts on a daily basis, includes daily alerts and automatically manages lead-time fluctuations, seasonal items and promotions. After a thorough selection process, URM Stores Inc. chose HIMPACT because of its low cost, quick installation, industry expertise and bottom line improvement. Herlitz HIMPACT is a flexible solution designed to bring innovation that is tailored around the needs of wholesalers and retailers. The quick installation and its ability to scale with company growth were also additional benefits HIMPACT alone offered.

“We are extremely excited to once again partner with the experts that designed the E3TRIM forecasting and replenishment solution, which our company has been using for over 25 years,” said Paul Christianson, URM’s VP of Procurement & Retail Services. “Our procurement team and executives felt it was time to move to a solution with new innovations that provide the financial results for us to stay ahead of our competition and meet our member owner needs at retail.”

Carl Herlitz, President and CEO of Herlitz Inventory Management said, “URM was facing inventory challenges due to outdated technology very common to wholesalers, yet easily solved with the innovations in our HIMPACT solution. We appreciate the opportunity to once again be a vested partner in their long-term success.”

“The Herlitz Inventory Management team has a very deep understanding of our business challenges and their HIMPACT solution is the most robust purchasing system we have seen in the marketplace. Our confidence level in their innovations and the trust we have with them made the decision to select their solution a very simple one,” said Christianson.

Mike Van Cleef, Buying System Manager, added, “The purchasing team is looking forward to the implementation of this new tool with its advanced functionally, innovative forecasting technology and improved financial performance.”

About URM
URM Stores, Inc. of Spokane, Washington services over 1,000 customers with sales of over $1 billion. It is an American retailers' cooperative serving independent supermarkets in Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington. The company operates a central warehouse with over 650,000 square feet with six Cash & Carry’s, which provide stores, restaurants and similar business operations with a full selection of grocery, food service, frozen foods and perishable products. For more information, please visit http://www.urmstores.com.

About Herlitz Inventory Management
HIMPACT, a best-of-breed solution for wholesale and retail, provides additional insight and value beyond legacy and ERP systems. Experience with hundreds of customers in a wide variety of industries provides Herlitz the knowledge, insight, and experience to lower inventory while improving sales and profitability. The company’s solutions improve supply chain execution, optimize inventory and costs, improve customer service and increase buyer productivity. Its goal is to provide the most user-friendly, effective purchasing application for its customers, knowledgeable and professional training, along with superior services to support its partnerships. To learn more about Herlitz Inventory Management’s complete solutions for wholesale, retail, grocery and food, please visit http://www.herlitzim.com.

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