eComchain, Dallas Based Commerce Cloud, Connects Supply Chain to Consumers Online

FRISCO, Texas, Nov. 8, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- eComchain, the dynamic young offshoot of Dallas based technology leader iBizSoft Inc., has already received rave reviews for the multi-dimensional and scalable online business modules. The Cloud-based AWS hosted scalable eCommerce platforms has partnered with popular payment gateways such as Paytm,, PayU and bunch of others to ensure it has a  global reach, along with its multi-language support making it a robust and global platform. Its global reach also ensures a vibrant presence in LATAM, Mid-East and APAC regions.

The multi-payment, multi-language and multi-currency support will allow users to expand their reach into hitherto untapped markets that were hard to get into due to language barriers. eComchain is known for its simplified site management with pre-built templates and integrations to various 3rd party services. Now its user friendly interface will allow merchants to toggle between more than 15 different languages on both the end-user facing and administrative interface of their websites.

"With its multiple unique features, it already allows for a smooth supply chain integration between businesses, their wholesalers and distributors, making it easy to scale businesses at global levels," said Sandeep Kuttiyatur, Founder & President of eComchain and iBizSoft Inc.

This state of the art B2B2C2C model is managed by multi-tenant features which allow organizations, distributors and resellers a way to create personalized sites for their end consumers. The focus is to help streamline the business processes, so that every organization can easily track the total goods sold, with visibility to the revenue at various levels throughout the supply chain.

About eComchain
eComchain is a global Cloud-based ecommerce solution which brings over 15 years of eCommerce implementation experience. eComchain delivers innovative cloud-based ecommerce solutions at a global level. With more than 300 combined years of experience among team members and rapidly expanding customer base, new functionalities are implemented on the cloud to help businesses expand and grow. Learn more about their team and their solutions at


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