DSS Issued New Patent and Releases New AuthentiGuard Capabilities

ROCHESTER, N.Y., May 2, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Document Security Systems, Inc. (NYSE MKT: DSS), (DSS), a leader in anti-counterfeiting and authentication solutions, today announced that it was issued a new patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The company also announced new beta releases for its AuthentiGuard product line. Both demonstrate DSS continued investment in research and development.

The issued patent covers technology related to DSS' Barcode Barricade product. Barcode Barricade protects printed barcodes from duplication. The company developed the technology for its coupon production business. It is used on virtually every coupon printed by the company which gives it an advantage over competitors.

"Barcode Barricade is the only barcode specific anti-copy protection technology in the market today," said Mike Caton, Chief Technical Officer for DSS and one of the inventors of the technology. "It provides customers with currency level protection so they can fight fraud and protect their revenue sources and products."

In addition to being used in-house for its high value coupon product, DSS is pursuing licensing partners for the technology

DSS Releases New Beta Version of Mobile Application and Marking Technology
DSS also announced new beta releases for its AuthentiGuard brand protection solution which helps consumers and field personnel authenticate products using a mobile application. The company released a beta version of its mobile application, AuthentiGuard 4.0, as well as a new beta marking technology which can be printed on product packaging, cards, and labels.

The AuthentiGuard beta application simplifies the user experience and the application's ability to read multiple AuthentiGuard marks. The application is also easier for brand owners to configure. The newest release is currently being tested and will be released as a production version later in 2016.

The beta application is also configured to read a new beta mark just released by the company. The mark was developed in conjunction with brands evaluating the system. The beta mark will eventually offer another option in addition to the existing mark. Like the existing production mark, it can be printed using any of the standard printing processes including offset, digital, and flexographic presses. The limited release of the beta mark is for testing purposes. Once testing is completed, the new mark will be made available for production deployment later in 2016.

"These new releases will give brand owners more flexibility when implementing the system," said Mike Roy, Vice President of DSS Digital. "As we focus on winning more customers for AuthentiGuard we need to be continuously innovative. Both of these beta releases are important steps on our roadmap."

About Document Security Systems, Inc.
Document Security Systems, Inc.'s (NYSE MKT: DSS) products and solutions are used by governments, corporations and financial institutions to defeat fraud and to protect brands and digital information from the expanding world-wide counterfeiting problem. DSS technologies help ensure the authenticity of both digital and physical financial instruments, identification documents, sensitive publications, brand packaging and websites.

DSS continually invests in research and development to meet the ever-changing security needs of its clients and offers licensing of its patented technologies. For more information on the AuthentiGuard™ Suite, please visit www.authentiguard.com. For more information on DSS and its subsidiaries, please visit www.dsssecure.com.


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