Scan Barcodes, Meet Ladies


barcodekanojo2.jpgHysterical barcode-scanning app from CYBIRD Co., Ltd. can get you a girlfriend just by scanning a barcode. Okay, maybe it’s a virtual girlfriend, but still. This is one you’ve got to see to believe. 

The app is called Barcode Kanojo - Kanojo being a Japanese female pronoun that can also mean girlfriend. When you scan a barcode already associated with a product, you can see the cartoon Kanojo, and what user’s girlfriend she is. Most users have multiple Kanojos. If a Kanojo already belongs to someone, you can elect to be friends with her. Kanojos seem to be monogamous. If you run into a product that doesn’t have a cartoon assigned to it, you can generate your own and make her your Kanojo. 

I have to warn you, your barcode-generated girlfriend requires some upkeep. You can use earned points to buy her virtual presents like flowers, handbags, and overseas vacations. The more you buy her, the more her love for you increases. While I fully recommend downloading this app, if only to try it once, I do not reccommend ditching your current girlfriend for these gold-digging cartoons.  


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