New Barcode Scanning App Available for Google Glass


Screen_Shot_2014-07-28_at_10.53.26_AM.pngIn past articles, The Bar Code News has reviewed ways to scan barcodes and compare price points using your smart phone, but how about your glasses? 

   E-commerce giant eBay has backed the development of a RedLaser app for Google Glass users, and it is available in the Glassware store. 

    Using vocal commands, Glass wearers can launch the app and scan a barcode. If the barcode scans without error, the display shows a list of prices and availability for the scanned product on the Internet. 

   While Red Laser for Glass has not yet allowed in-app purchasing, there is an option to have a product link sent to your mobile phone. VP of eBay, Steve Yankovich, told TechCrunch in an interview that direct purchasing options would be in the app’s future. Ready to try it for yourself? Download here.


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