Scanbuy Growth Continues

scanlife-trend-q3-2013New York, NY – October 17, 2013 – Scanbuy, Inc., the world’s leading mobile engagement solutions provider, today released its quarterly trend report showing that it processed nearly 24 million mobile barcode and NFC scans in Q3 2013, demonstrating continuing strong growth in usage and interest by mobile consumers.

Scanbuy’s Trend Reports analyze the traffic on the ScanLife mobile app, the most popular mobile engagement app in the world. Highlights from the Q3 2013 report include:

  • The most popular type of content accessed in mobile engagement campaigns was video, product information, app downloads, customer relationship management and news
  • The most “liked” brands by the ScanLife community were CVS Pharmacy, WB entertainment, IHOP restaurants, GameStop and MTV
  • Industries who saw the most scans included food and beverage, consumer electronics, retail, media and wireless
  • 64% of scans came from Android OS devices compared to 34% on Apple iOS devices
  • The top profiles of Android scanners included value shoppers, catalogue shoppers, casual and social gamers, social influencers and entertainment enthusiasts
  • The top profiles of Apple iOS users included value shoppers, casual and social gamers, auto enthusiasts, music lovers and social influencers
  • 77% of users were returning users with men ages 35-44 composing the highest percentage of that group
  • The average scan per user was 3.7 with women ages 35-44 scanning more than any other demographic 

“Once again the latest trend report shows continuing interest by mobile consumers in accessing digital information via QR Codes and other proximity-based triggers like NFC in the real-world,” said Mike Wehrs, CEO and president of Scanbuy. “With the holiday shopping season at our doorstep, we look forward to partnering with marketers on how to best reach the mobile shopper through mobile engagement campaigns that deliver results and actionable analytics, whether it’s through QR Code, NFC, Microsoft Tag or any combination of input triggers.”

Thousands of scans that were generated from the ScanLife app or the ScanLife Mobile Engagement Platform were analyzed in this study. The traffic analysis was performed on all ScanLife processed user activities providing a detailed view across numerous verticals and geographies. These results are statistically significant and representative of all codes scanned as ScanLife is the largest commercial resolver of codes.

To access the full Mobile Trend Report infographic click here:

About Scanbuy

Scanbuy is the global leader in developing mobile engagement solutions that power intelligent connections between the physical and digital world. The ScanLife suite of products consists of a cloud-based platform used by a wide variety of industries including retail, CPG, and media to create, manage and monitor dynamic mobile engagement campaigns. The ScanLife mobile app is used by tens of millions of people around the world to discover new information and is available for all major platforms including Android and iOS.

ScanLife processes millions of mobile barcode scans, mobile URL requests and NFC engagements from over 150 different countries and is headquartered in New York City with local offices throughout North America, Europe and Latin America.  Scanbuy has the largest and oldest patent portfolio of any company in the industry, owning 19 patents globally and licensing more than 40 patents to cover our entire solution. The company’s investors include Motorola Solutions Ventures, Google Inc., and Masthead Venture Partners. For more information, visit us at