KoamTac Adds GPS, NFC Options to IP-rated KDC350

koamtac 350 topPRINCETON, NJ, Sept. 25, 2013 - KoamTac, Inc. has introduced its newest rugged smart scanning device, the KDC350 3-Key, which has all the features and options that have made the keypad-equipped KDC350 an early success.

These features include IP65 ingress protection, 1.5m drop survivability, available GPS, available NFC (Near Field Communication) reader and optional long-range bar code reading.

“We have many clients who value the ease-of-use offered by the original KDC but also wanted the durability and additional feature set offered by our recently released KDC350,” explained Dr. Hanjin Lee, president and CEO of KoamTac.

“The KDC350 3-Key still has everything our clients love about the KDC350—but without the alpha-numeric keypad. While the keypad is compact and convenient for combining data entry with scanning, some people just want the simplicity of having only three keys to navigate; now we’re giving them that choice with the KDC350 3-Key.”

The new device is receiving positive reviews from KoamTac’s client base, including Emkat, a Minnesota-based reseller that serves a diverse set of customers with unique outdoor applications. One such example is an ISV partner serving the automotive salvage market.

“By adding barcodes to key car parts and connecting inventory to GPS coordinates, they are able to save large salvage yards many man hours per week by eliminating traditional ‘tribal knowledge’ and ‘hunt and find’ recovery methods,” explained Eric Lindberg, sales representative at Emkat. koamtac-350

“Yard operators employ BYOD as staff tend to care better of their own devices than company-issued equipment. The KDC350 3-key is the perfect bar code scanning companion for this market with its IP-rating, simple key layout and bright screen that allows smartphones to stay protected in pockets. And like the entire KoamTac line, they connect seamlessly with every phone we’ve tested.”

About KoamTac: KoamTac, based in Princeton, New Jersey, produces a signature line of miniature Bluetooth barcode scanners that are universally compatible across today’s technology platforms, including iPhone/iPod touch/iPad, Android, Blackberry, Mac and Windows Operating Systems.

KoamTac’s KDCs are the world’s smallest and lightest programmable barcode data and card readers with a display on the market today. For additional information, go to www.koamtac.com.

Contact: Euna Kwon, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., 609-734-4335



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