TIMEpoint Biometric Data Collection

timepointIntelligent Instrumentation, the leading U.S. manufacturer of  industrial data collection terminals announces the release of its latest rugged, open architecture  terminal: the TIMEpoint Power.

The TIMEpoint Power combines the industry-leading Secugen biometric fingerprint sensor with Intelligent Instrumentation’s industrial LANpoint Power X Ethernet terminal.  This industrial  fingerprint reader is the perfect match for the long-lasting industrial features that come standard  with LANpoint terminals.  Features like an industrial XScale processor, solid state memory,

NEMA12 (IP54) drip-proof or optional NEMA4 (IP65) spray-down housing, extended operating temperature of -20 to 70° C – without troublesome moving parts like fans and rotating disks.

The TIMEpoint Power can be ordered in literally hundreds of different configurations to meet  your specific needs.  
For example, the graphic display can be enhanced with an optional touchscreen so employees  can more easily query and manage their own benefit balances and usage in a 2-way secure realtime kiosk setting.  The open architecture Windows CE 6.0 OS makes the TIMEpoint Power easily programmed via Microsoft Visual Studio. The industrial fingerprint reader increases  security and eliminates buddy-punching.  Badge readers can be added for barcode and/or  magnetic stripe and/or RFID proximity badges like the iCLASS and HID brands.

The TIMEpoint Power even collects employee clocking as a standalone terminal when there are network or server down-time issues and power glitches.  Power over Ethernet (POE) is available with or without the optional internal battery pack and local non-volatile storage can retain all data even through an extended power outage.

About Intelligent Instrumentation Inc.

Intelligent Instrumentation’s FactoryView is a family of products interfacing the machines, processes and operations of an enterprise to data management systems. For over 29 years, the  company has manufactured a complete line of industrial data collection and data acquisition products specifically designed for industry and manufacturing.

Contact Information: 

Bob Auman

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Intelligent Instrumentation, Inc.

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