RFID Journal LIVE! 2012 Highlights Best Practices in RFID Technology

RFIDLIVERFID Journal LIVE! 2012 runs April 3 through 5 at the Walt Disney Swan & Dolphin Resort in Orlando, FL. This 10th annual conference and exhibition features RFID technologies to improve business, offers more than 50 case studies, and provides a platform for discussion among industry leaders worldwide. Over 200 technology providers will be on hand to share experiences and success stories, showcase live interactive demonstrations, and provide face-to-face meetings with leading experts in RFID technology.

The event is a showcase for new products and innovations. The Bar Code News will be reporting daily on highlights of the conference. Visit us at booth #1414D.  Live demos are sure to be a hit at this year’s show, and here are just a few to seek out on the expo floor.

InSync Software will showcase the Sapphire iAPP platform 4.0 for building, deploying and managing RFID solutions. See them in Booth #310 at RFID Journal LIVE! 2012.

Retailers Advantage will introduce the intelligent a3tag in booth #1226. The RFID loaded tag detects theft in retail clothing stores by recording the moment the tag is removed from a garment. On display in their booth is the new Smart Detacher, UPC barcode reader writing to the tag, and more.

RFID Enabled Solutions, Booth #624, presents a live demo to showcase the company’s latest product, iSTOR, a refrigerated product-delivery and tracking system equipped with RFID and barcoding technologies. Of particular interest to hospital management professionals, the system monitors temperature changes, sends automatic invoices based on product removal, tracks and monitors product storage, and captures data regarding product dispensation.

RFID Global Solution in Booth #904 will demo their IT Asset Tracking solution.
This demo will challenge attendees to locate IT assets within a typical network test lab environment, using a handheld reader and a pre-identified list of assets requiring inventory verification. Using RFID Global Solution's latest Visi-Trac mobile software, visitors will be asked to find servers, routers, line cards and more within a data center at the company's booth.

Psion will conduct a demonstration that will interest those in security, border control, ports, military operations and other sectors in Booth #325. Using Psion's Workabout Pro 3 with a TWIC end-cap reader utilizing biometrics, the company will demonstrate how quickly a user can retrieve classified information about a person or asset entering into the country.

See Zebra Technologies in Booth #1018. Tracking racks and reusable containers through open and/or closed systems can be very complex. Zebra will showcase a single software platform that can simultaneously process standards-based active and passive RFID technologies, attached to different asset classes. The company's ultra-wideband (UWB) real-time location (RTLS) sensors and tags will be deployed for this live demo, along with an integrated platform supporting data reads from both passive and RTLS tags, thus illustrating the value to enterprises of using a single system to view their assets.

Murata Electronics will demonstrate live its advanced technologies designed to improve PCB traceability, warranty tracking, product authenticity and more at RFID Journal LIVE 2012. In addition, Murata engineers will be onsite to discuss research and development projects, technology trends and new applications within the RFID industry.  See them in booth #1503 at RFID Journal LIVE! 2012.

TegoDrive, Booth #108, treats information stored on RFID tags as files and folders on the desktop. By installing the software on a handheld RFID device or on an end-user's desktop connected to a fixed reader, tasks such as adding new content to a tag are as simple as "save-as" or drag-and-drop. The shipping industry provides an example of usage.

Stay with The Bar Code News for updates on more RFID innovations as we discover them at RFID Journal LIVE! 2012. Visit http://www.rfidjournalevents.com for more information.

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