QR codes for Valentine’s Day Make Messages Even Sweeter

Valentines tagIt is no secret that organizations all over the world are making use of QR code technology to engage consumers in innovative branding and advertising campaigns. Seasonal marketing is a powerful tool to court consumers; Valentine's Day branding can boost sales and interest. QR code technology allows businesses to engage consumers in an innovative and interactive fashion. And this Valentine's Day, several organizations are taking QR code marketing to an entirely new level.

Across the globe in Taiwan, Republic of China, the Chunghwa Post  issued a set of stamps commemorating Valentine's Day. These Valentine themed stamps allowed postal customers to interact with the postal system by scanning the QR codes to receive Valentine's Day themed messages. Helping to improve the rather behind-the-times image of the "snail mail" postal system in China in young, technology-savvy consumers' eyes, these scannable QR code Valentines send a message of love through the airwaves.

qr codesAnd finally, right here at home, grocery store chain Winn-Dixie is getting in on the Valentine's QR code action with a special Valentine's Day promotion. Shoppers can scan a special QR code that directs them to Winn-Dixie's Valentine's Day "Give Love" website, which offers consumers a specially designed holiday menu and video instructions on how to prepare it at home. Other features of the site include gift ideas and wine pairings - everything consumers need to create the perfect Valentine's Day for their loved ones.

If you would like try your own hand at QR creativity in honor of Valentine's Day, why not create your own custom QR code to deliver a secret message of love? QR code creators are available online, and using this technology you can create a custom message readable only by you and your Valentine. There is one available on this site; just click "Make a Barcode" above.

From personal to business use, and from China to the UK, QR codes are taking the world by storm for this Valentine's Day holiday. Businesses can integrate QR codes into their marketing campaigns, reaching out to consumers in an exciting, interactive fashion. As QR code marketing continues to take over the market, custom seasonal QR codes are a tech-savvy way to reach consumers. Here's wishing everyone a special Valentine's Day from The Bar Code News.

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