Bar Code Scanning Mobile Development Kits for Medical Records

pegasus mobile bar code scanning for medical recordsWith the increasing usage of electronic health records (EHRs) by hospitals across the nation, technology has made it possible to access them through the use of smartphones. Accusoft Pegasus is one company that offers imaging software that will allow a doctor to scan a bar code on a patient's wristband, then immediately access that patient's EHR. Once the bar code is scanned, the patient's electronic health record is pulled up through a database that can be viewed by the doctor. Bar code wristbands like those manufactured by Typenex and Precision Dynamics Corporation are used in hospitals across the nation to streamline work flow efficiency and lower the number of errors made in medical records maintenance. Accusoft provides several bar code solutions that can be used in conjunction with the healthcare industry. Bar Code Xpress, Bar Code Xpress Mobile, and ImageGear for .NET have different levels of function depending upon a hospital's records maintenance needs.

Bar Code Xpress Mobile can be used with either one-dimensional or two-dimensional bar codes. Being able to scan a wristband bar code with this new software can increase efficiency for use with medical records. Bar Code Express Mobile can be used with either iOS or Androids. Doctors no longer have to leave a patient in an examining room to retrieve medical records and find something specific in the patient's medical history. Combined with Accusoft Pegasus AIMtools which allow doctors to view electronic medical records and x-rays, Bar Code Xpress Mobile provides a solution in health technology that eliminates errors in patient records. This software development kit can scan and read multiple bar codes on a document in seconds.

The company also offers a complete imaging solution called ImageGear for .NET which can be used for Winforms, ASP.NET, and WPF applications. Scanning and reading bar codes is just one aspect of this kit, as OCR, PDF, image editing, and image viewing are also included. Adding notations to an X-ray using the image editor saves the doctor time when he or she is with a patient. The OCR feature will convert any scanned documents into imaging files (ImageGear supports more than a hundred different image file types including JPEG, TIF, GIF, CAD). There is also a DICOM (Digital Imaging Communications in Medicine) file application that will enable doctors to view, edit, and display these files on their smartphones.

Accusoft Pegasus began in 1991 and provides imaging software development kit solutions for bar codes, OCR/ICR, and PDF creation to companies worldwide. The company is located in Tampa, Florida.

(Photo courtesy of Accusoft Pegasus.)

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