Total Bar Code Scanning Solution From Honeywell at NRF 2012

Honeywell NRF 2012 bar code scannersAs the NRF 2012 draws to a close, retail professionals head back home, ready to apply the knowledge gained at this one-of-a-kind expo. That means procuring and putting to work many of the hardware and software solutions found at the show.

While many vendors at the NRF presented bar code scanners, point of sale (POS) hardware and software, and other stand alone automatic identification and data capture devices, the best offerings came as complete packages. Here's a look at one innovative example.

Honeywell's "total retail solution," includes a hybrid bar code scanner, an RFID mobile computer, and software designed to manage bar code scanners, and mobile computers along with consumer grade devices. The NRF Big Show provided a launching pad for this complete package. Here are a few more details about each component.

Hybrid Bar Code Scanners:  Reading Both 1D and 2D Codes

Traditional laser bar code scanners cannot read data from an LCD mobile phone screen, since a screen provides no light reflection. But new area-imaging technologies are bypassing that challenge.

Available in July, a next generation hybrid bar code scanner, the Stratos 2700, provides the best of both worlds for linear and 2D bar code reading. Designed to help retailers handle short-term, peak customer volumes while minimizing open checkout lanes, the scanner/scale provides rapid pass-through scanning, but is versatile enough to handle the latest developments in 2D bar codes.

Accurate Data Entry For Mobile Inventory Management

Moving from the check stand to the back room, mobile computing with RFID and automated data collection comes into play for inventory management. Honeywell's Optimus 5900 RFID mobile computer offers a rugged exterior along with the ability to quickly and accurately read EPC Gen2 RFID tags. Shipping in February, this automated data collection device enhances worker productivity with speed and precise data entry.

A Management Solution Integrating Both Mobile and Corded Devices  Honeywell_Optimus_5900_0003

And the final piece of the puzzle is the software, giving retailers the ability to update and manage every device connected to the system. Available in April of this year, the Remote MasterMind 3.0 software package is also compatible with consumer-grade Android and iOS devices.

A web-based viewing platform means that retailers can troubleshoot every device deployed across the network from one centralized location. And the newly added dashboard presents real-time insight into device usage and overall performance.

After a busy week at the NRF in New York City, Honeywell hopes to catch the pulse of a fast-moving industry by targeting mobility solutions benefiting both customers and end-users in the retail industry.

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