Glamour Readers "Like" Social SnapTags

Social_SnaptagSocial media is becoming increasingly important in mobile marketing efforts.  Glamour Magazine recently teamed with SpyderLynk to create a mobile marketing campaign using Social SnapTags. Glamour readers really “Liked” connecting with Glamour’s advertisers via Social SnapTags, with reader engagements (snaps, scans, likes, deal conversions and shares) totaling more than half a million for its September issue.

This application of Social Snaptags for mobile marketing paid off. The Glamour “Friends and Fans” mobile marketing campaign offered readers more than $85,000 in deals from participating advertisers, while the advertisers gained more than 50,000 new followers, according to SpyderLynk, in a November 7, 2011 report.

Social SnapTags can feature Facebook or Twitter icons on print and digital mediums to give consumers an opportunity to LIKE or FOLLOW a brand.

The metrics are impressive. Beyond the results noted above, 67% of the readers who snapped or scanned the Social SnapTag Liked (on social media) the magazine and the participating brands in order to access deals, and 18% Shared those deals with friends.

Glamour advertisers offered sweepstakes, promotional discounts/coupons and free samples. Conversion rates ranged from 71% to 85%. The company noted that the Social Snaptags solidified the impact of social media on connecting brands with consumers.

According to SpyderLynk, the program’s unique users were equivalent to approximately 4% of Glamour’s circulation. This figure is consistent with other reports indicating that 4% of the total U.S. population has reacted positively to mobile marking and social media.

It’s too early to predict if mobile marketing is a long-term strategy, or simply something that readers and consumers are intrigued with enough to use their Social_Snaptag_ATTmobile devices (which may also be novelties for them) to scan and research brands, companies and products. But social marketing appears to be highly considered by marketers who are looking for creative ways to engage the consumer and help the advertiser share more information about the product at the same time. Consumer response seems to suggest that, at least for the moment, Social Snaptags are effective for mutual communication.

“The results of our first engagement out of the gate demonstrates the power of Social Snaptags, which allow marketers to leverage their mass marketing with socially active consumers who use mobile on a daily basis to connect,” said Nicole Skogg, CEO of SpyderLynk. “Consumers are embracing the use of Social Snaptags and mobile marketing to connect with brands. Based upon our findings, we expect the rate of engagement will continue to grow”

About SpyderLynk

SpyderLynk is a mobile activation and marketing platform company. SnapTags and Social SnapTags are SpyderLynk’s proprietary 2D Mobile Barcode solutions enabling marketers to use meaningful logos and icons as interactive marketing tools. Consumers with smart or standard camera phones can activate social SnapTags placed on packaging, advertising, signage or screens. Based in Denver, Colorado, SpyderLynk was founded in 2006 and can be found online at

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