Android Bar Code Scanner Apps: Comparison Shopping With Your Smart Phone

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Android ShopSavvy Barcode Scanner

Android barcode ShopSavvyAn app in tune with the social side of shopping, when you open the Android barcode scanner app ShopSavvy, the bottom half of the screen shows an ever changing list of products that other people are scanning, along with their city and state.

At the top, a button instructs you to "Scan a barcode." The next screen shows a viewfinder and tells you to "Point the laser at a barcode. Hold still." There's also an option at the bottom of the screen to tap a picture of a magnifying glass and continue your search by keyword or UPC (Universal Product Code).

Once the product scans, there are search options to find the item online or at a local store (if available), read reviews or add to a checklist. You can also save the product to a list, which might be a personal wishlist, a gift list for someone else, or even a grocery list. And there's an option to edit the item, giving you a place to add the store where you found it and the listed price.

ShopSavvy also shows your scanning history, in case you want to go back to a product.

Android ScanLife Barcode Reader

Scanlife Android Barcode

The Android barcode scanner app ScanLife opens immediately to a viewfinder. Simply center the red laser on your product barcode and you'll see a screen that offers multiple options, including online and local stores and reviews. There's also an "Email Me" button at the top of the screen, so you can keep a copy of the search results.

ScanLife also pulls up some related products, such as additional season DVDs for a television show.

Android QuickMark Barcode Scanner

When you tap the icon for the Android barcode scanner QuickMark, there are four ways to read a barcode. You can scan using the camera in your phone, get a code from an existing photo file, scan a webpage, or key-in the code on a manual entry screen that will take barcodes in the following formats, EAN8, EAN13, Code39 and Code128.

Once the scan completes, you'll see the barcode number on the next screen and some options along the bottom. You can search the Internet for the barcode number, share the information, or create a two-dimensional (QR) code with the number.

Android ixMAT Barcode Scanner

ixMAT Android BarcodeixMAT opens a scanner with a viewfinder that can be easily resized by dragging a corner of the box. Instructions at the bottom of the screen ask you to "Place a code inside the viewfinder rectangle to scan it.

Once the code scans, you'll see the number and format and choose to search by product or via the Internet.