AIM Expo 2011


AIM Expo is one of the most important trade shows in the automatic ID and mobility industry, being held this year in Las Vegas from September 26 to 28 at the Las Vegas Hilton. Businesses that will be taking part in this trade show will be emphasizing the latest bar code printing and scanning equipment, along with RFID, RTLS and mobile computing solutions which are essential in today's business. Education about bar code technology is important for businesses to survive in a competitive market and the trade show will be offering sessions to all registered guests. Knowing what is available in bar code and POS technology allows businesses to decide which solutions will best fit their needs.


The trade show will have sponsors and exhibits by Datalogic, Motorola, A2B Tracking Solutions, Axicon Auto ID, CDO Technologies Inc., Source Technologies, Metalcraft Inc., Webscan, Secura Key, Bluestar, and many more major names in the industry. AIM Expo is expected to attract IT executives, government procurement officials, and leaders from the healthcare and retail industry who need bar code mobility solutions to improve business functionality. General sessions will be held at the trade show, along with industry sessions that include government, healthcare, packaging, MFG, mobile workforce, and retail. The purpose of the sessions is to provide the best solutions for a particular industry, reduce costs and improve administrative procedures in business.

    “The type of solutions-driven education we provide as an industry trade association enables us to deliver a solid, unbiased program that cuts across industry and technology boundaries," states Chuck Evanhoe, AIM Expo Chairman.  "The event will address the need for ongoing education about the use of bar codes, RFID, and mobile computing technologies.


Lunch breaks will be held each day of the trade show. An AIM Awards Dinner will be held to celebrate the achievements of the top contributors in innovative technology. Early registration is encouraged for all who plan to attend the trade show. Travel and hotel accommodations are available with special group rate discounts the weekend of the trade show.

AIM Expo expects to have over 1000 attendees this year. The trade show has been in operation for two years now. AIM Expo does much more than just hold annual trade shows.


The Association for Automatic Identification and Mobility actively participates as media sponsors, speakers, and hosts for related industry events throughout the year. AIM has been operating for nearly 40 years and is a global authority on mobile automatic identification and data collection. Members of AIM are located in 43 countries and both provide and use this mobile technology for everyday business. AIM membership is open to any company that relies upon mobile data capturing technology for their business operations.

The Bar Code News is proud to be a media sponsor of AIM Expo in 2011.

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