2D Barcodes offer a new way to store memories

Talking Tags Memory Labels allow you to personalize your scrapbooks, cards, and gifts with your own voice recordings. 

talkingtagsimageThe words barcode and scrapbook aren’t usually found in the same sentence, but the moment has finally come.  Thanks to a partnership between Creative Memories and AirArts scrapbookers now have the capability to capture a voice recording to a 2D barcode that sticks on a scrapbook, photo album, greeting card, gift, or anything else you creative types can think of.  This ingeniously simple concept brings a whole new life to how we can save and share memories and sentiments.

TalkingTag Memory Labels are yet another brilliant blend of mobile barcodes and smartphone technology.  Here’s how it works.  Get the TalkingTag application from talkingtag.mobi, or from the iPhone or Android app stores (free for iPhone through April, or $0.99 for Android through April.)  After downloading the app, you proceed to record the funny story about that day at the beach, the “happy birthday” song, a love poem, or your 2-year-old’s indistinguishable chatter, depending on the occasion.  You have up to a minute for each Memory Label to record whatever your heart desires.  And then apply the Label to the object of your choice.  If you’re like me and don’t have the patience for scrapbooking, there are still a multitude of ways to be creative with this.  Attach it to a photocard, storybook, box of chocolates, you name it.

The barcode can then be scanned whenever you like to relive the moment,  or sent with a gift for a loved one to enjoy.   It can even be scanned a few years later when you’ll appreciate the memory even more.  Just imagine, this could really make that crayon-crafted card for Grandma even more treasure-worthy, or make flipping through a photo album something you do a little more often.

As Pui-Ang Hong, V.P. for digital business development at Creative Memories, describes it, the new product “gives people the ability to share across time and distance by connecting the physical offline world with the online world.”  CEO of AirArts echoes this, saying “It is no longer the case of digital versus physical mediums – it is both – capturing the essence of emotions that come with natural voice and touch that comes with the use of physical objects.”

For someone who is notoriously bad at sending cards and gifts on time (or at all), not to mention making family photo albums, this might just be inspiration enough for me to re-awaken my sentimental/creative side. 


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