Handheld RFID/Barcode Reader with GPS For Shipping, Inventory, Asset Mgmt

Depending on the type of RFID tag, LogiBoxx Certified Handheld RFID Reader ES3001H can identify tagged items up to 15 feet, and is also capable of reading 1D and 2D barcodes. LogiBoxx Certified Handheld RFID Reader ES3001H is typically used in shipping, inventory control, and asset management. In the supply chain industry, businesses may find it useful to track goods in the supply process, using it for mobile inventory taking, price checking, and storage rack adjustments.

"Our new handheld reader is the perfect tool for asset management," said EarthSearch CEO Kayode Aladesuyi. "Not only is it capable of reading both RFID tags and barcodes, the LogiBoxx Certified Handheld RFID Reader ES3001H is also able to communicate wirelessly on several different frequencies, including UHF, WiFi, Bluetooth, and GPRS."

Additional applications for LogiBoxx Certified Handheld RFID Reader ES3001H include the detection of counterfeit product, where write protection for memory in the tag allows it to distinguish between true and false goods.

"This reader will add value and business intelligence to any organization looking to control inventory and manage their mission critical assets," said Aladesuyi.



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