RFID BarMaster System Prevent Inventory Loss

RFID_chipWith RFID tags and scanning, bar owners can protect their businesses from losing inventory and revenue from point of pouring to point of sale. The BarMaster system developed by Clear View Technologies has created a new solution for bar owners to prevent overage at free-pours and incidental inventory loss.


The system prides itself as the first end-to-end solution specifically made for the alcoholic beverage service industry by using RFID technology to keep tabs (no pun intended) on how much liquor is poured. Tags are adhered to the bottom of the liquor bottles and scanned prior to sales to weigh and record the amount of liquor in a SaaS database. Due to the use of RFID, the bottle’s contents can be weighed up to 1/20 of an ounce to prevent even slight, gradual loss throughout an employee’s shift. An additional piece of hardware for the system includes a speed rail scale to weigh even the most commonly used bottles.


For more information, visit www.ibarsystem.com/investor.



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